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Document / Item Type: Stamp / Card / Envelope

Title / Item: The League of Friends – Biddulph Grange Hospital Stamp, Envelope and Card.

Publisher / Maker: Royal Mail

Date of Document / Item : 24th August 1983

Text Colour: Black

Pictures / Item Colour: Black and White

Item Size: 111 x 221 mm

Further Information: Envelope: reads League of Friends, Biddulph Grange Hospital, Biddulph, Stoke on Trent., ST8 7SD - It then has on the right hand side a stamp mark which reads League of Friends - Biddulph - Stoke on Trent. Inside this stamp mark is a lion figure on a pedestal with 24 Aug 83 and The Grange written. Size of envelope is DL.

Stamp: The stamp shows a colour picture of Biddulph Grange Garden then the wording 19th Century Garden - Biddulph Grange. Stamp price is 20 ½ p

Inside Card: Click here for the full text



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Biddulph Museum No: BM000051

File No: Biddulph File 1

Date Listed: 27th September 2009

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